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What Our Clients Say


Career and Leadership Coaching

"Christin's career and leadership coaching session helped me get out of my own way and secure a new executive role with a Fortune 500 company."


Confidence in Reach Participant

"Taking the Confidence in Reach course was a real eye opener. TGYLS has a great way of really helping you realize your potential and motivating you to take charge of your future!"


Leadership Development Coaching

"Being able to see myself in a different light through reflective exercises and determine how to enhance my existing leadership style was the most valuable part of the leadership development course."


How Do You Do It All? You. Do. Not. Participant

"The Greater You Leadership's Time Management class was a practical and insightful webinar. As a busy executive, I'm always looking for ways to balance work and family. The webinar reinforced strategies I let fall by the wayside and offered some new tricks to make the most of my time. It was just the jolt I needed. Everyday I'm hustling; thanks for helping me hustle smart!"


Confidence & Team Dynamics

"I learned that confidence ebbs and flows and that's natural. In the moments of the ebb, I use the exercises I learned in this course to improve my confidence by identifying various barriers to high confidence and strategizing to overcome them. I use my affirmative that was inspired by my partner everyday, and it truly inspires me to remain confident. I'm glad I took this course."


Confidence in Reach Participant

"Before embarking on this course, I knew I had seasons of high and low confidence levels, I just did not understand why. This course is helping me to understand my confidence is always present, I just need to be deliberate about recognizing it and pulling it out in my current circumstances. I control my confidence, not others. It is an internal choice I must make daily. Christin is a blessing to have by my side on this path to a greater me! I recommend this course for ALL women in every season of life."


Confidence In Reach Participant

"There were so many beneficial parts of the workshop. The pre/post assessment allowed us to see areas of improvement and the progress that was made over the four weeks. The homework challenged us to consciously implement new techniques that we learned for the new week to come. I also appreciated the open dialogue during each session."


Confidence Coaching

"This was a total review and self awareness check for me. I'm more patient and thoughtful before execution. I am so intentional with everything that I do, I'm driven to eat the elephant one good bite at a time. Again, I am very humbled to have been a part of this phenomenal workshop. Iron sharpens iron. You wanna be great - follow those who are already great!"


Confidence In Reach Participant

""The Confidence in Reach workshop was a positive, uplifting, and empowering experience. TGYLS created a safe space for all participants involved to be open, honest, and vulnerable with out judgement. The workshop helped me silence self doubt . Since this experience my confidence has increased both personally and professionally. I am so grateful to TGYLS for creating this experience as I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I encourage women on a journey seeking personal growth  to become greater versions of themselves to participate in this workshop."

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