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Leadership and Vision

Only a few weeks until 2020 hits. Leaders should always be planning and the end of the year is a perfect time to kick planning into high gear. Why not use the tool of a vision board to focus on your goals? But why a vision board, you ask? A vision board is more than cardboard with words cut out from magazines with glitter and construction paper attached. Vision boards can be part of the answer to living out the success a leader desires to see. There are at least five benefits for leaders to create a vision board and create a physical output to being a visionary.

1. Make Your Dreams Clear. Have a goal or dream that you want to work towards? Vision boards help to bring clarity to what that dream is. The vision board can serve as a road map to achieving your goals. You intentionally consider what success looks like for you, your team, your family, your community and more when you put your vision board together.

2. Increase Your Chances of Success. You may already have a way to track your goals, but there is definitely nothing wrong with adding more tools to your success cart. Vision boards give your chances of success an even greater boost. Increase your chances of success by using a vision board to spell out your goals.

3. Make You More Determined. Pasting, gluing, and nailing down your goals on your vision board can be just the motivation you need to keep you on the path to success. Each permanent action taken to the board is another display to the commitment towards your success.

4. Give You Better Focus. Filter out all the noise and distractions when thinking about your goals and gain a better focus. When you create a vision board and revisit it regularly it allows you to key in on the things that will help you be successful and not the distractions. It is so easy to let life's daily noise get in the path of our success. A vision board helps limit that noise.

5. Make You Positive and Happy. Envisioning what success looks like for you automatically leaves you with a good feeling. The vision board is a single point of happiness. It is all a part of what success looks like to you collectively and the happiness that follows is inevitable.

Regardless of what part of your life you are leading, a vision board will only add to your success! Write the vision and make it plain is exactly what a vision board does. Don't delay! Get to it! 2020 and your success is just around corner!

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