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Respond to the Call of Duty

On September 11, 2001, America experienced great tragedy and heroism in the same day. We remember this day, as thousands of Americans lost their lives, families were impacted in long-lasting emotional and physical ways, and the first responders, while it was their duty, selflessly rescued and recovered many.

As I awakened this morning, I had a moment to reflect and rest on the idea that, leaders should selflessly and willingly respond to the call of duty for the greater good of those served and led. What if leaders, all across the world, responded in the way those firefighters, law enforcement officers, and even bystanders responded on that day. I can only imagine the vulnerability they experienced in knowing they had to enter spaces that were dangerous and unchartered. They were required to put themselves last and put the lives of thousands before their own. Selfless action at its best.

As a leader, let today be a reminder that selflessness serves better than any exhalation of your efforts. Consider it a call to duty. You will positively impact your teams; your organizations. Together everyone will be lifted.

To all the families impacted by 911, we keep you in our thoughts.

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