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The Perfect Hue

What if the characteristic you think is a hurdle or hindrance for you is the very trait necessary to execute your leadership?

In a recent workshop, I facilitated, one of the questions posed to the participants was, "When did you first realize your leadership qualities and abilities?" One of the younger, more vocal participants responded, "It was when I was in grade school, and all of my teachers seem to call on me to take on specific tasks much more frequently than other students." She went on to say, "Granted, I think one of the main reasons I was called on was due to me sitting at the front of my classes because I experience trouble with my vision. I was practically called on by default."

I smiled as she responded and understood what she intended in her message, but I honed in on the fact that it was part of her purpose to sit at the front of the class. She was to be seen and heard. Her vision may have forced her to sit up front to be positioned to use the greatness from within to lead. Would she have been able to lead if she was in the back of the classroom? Absolutely. But would her leadership abilities have stood out as quickly? She spoke to what she felt was a hindrance when it was the perfect hue of light in her to be seen.

I share this story because so often we take our 'hurdles,' what we view as our weaknesses, and discount the purpose they play in our lives. We cannot afford to allow the things we define as distractions or limitations, keep us from understanding how they manifest and catapult our greatness as leaders. Be conscious of the perceptions and claims we place on ourselves. Most of the areas we may question are genuinely the areas that must be nurtured and matured to compliment our journeys as leaders. By the end of the course, her light shined so brightly that without doubt, I knew she was a leader with an amazing future ahead. I am grateful that she was obedient to her need because the world can always use more amazing leaders.

I charge you with evaluating your self-claimed imperfections and changing the narrative of their use. How can you create a perfect hue of light in your leadership? Please share it with us below.

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