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Tips to Reset and Continue Being Effective

Whether you are reading an article, apart of a conversation, or simply scrolling the TV or social media, most would agree that this year has been one for the history books. If you are a leader during COVID-19, you have more than likely been required to stretch yourself more than ever and be responsive in ways that, at first, seem impossible. Guess what? We do not know when 'normal' may return. Even if 'normal' does return, the last several months have highlighted the importance of finding time to reset and reconcile. Resetting the organization is one thing—however, its just as important to reset as individuals; as leaders.

As you enter the weekend or a planned vacation or merely a day off, here are three (3) tips we would like to offer to reset and continue being an effective leader:

  1. REST. Yep. That is it. Rest. This looks different for everyone. Some may consider resting, putting their feet up on the couch, and curling up with a good book. Others may find resting sleeping endless hours and awaking refreshed or meditating. Whatever it looks like for you, it is essential to do. It allows the body to regenerate the necessary fuel. Make the time happen.

  2. REFLECT. What victories did you achieve recently? What kind of wins have you had? No success is too small, and they are all big enough to reflect. Be sure to take a moment to embrace the wins. It is so easy for us to achieve and immediately move forward to the next task. When you reflect on your successes, you intentionally celebrate the win and create motivation to execute the following duties.

  3. Get READY. While you are purposefully resetting, the reality is that action will be required after you reset. Before you head back into the office or workplace, create a quick outline or 'to-do' list on the significant focuses. A brief recap will help you proactively execute.

You owe it to yourself and those that you lead to understand and take action in finding time to reset. Here's to your resetting time!

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