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We Gave Birth...

Push! Push! Push!

It's usually what you hear in the labor and delivery area of a hospital or maybe in a home or personal space with a midwife. It is the direction often given when new life is being brought into the world. New life. A mother protects the life in her womb; nurturing it; ensuring it is prepared to enter the world and take on its requests. During that time, the mother engages in thoughts of 'what ifs' and 'how tos'. When the baby arrives some of the doubts and questions are overshadowed my moments of being in awe. What a wonderful feeling it is to carry a child and see first hand him or her be birthed. It is no less than rewarding.

Over the last six months, The Greater You Leadership, had a shorter incubation period than the expected time for a new born, but pushed regularly to develop, build, and launch its first course, Confidence In Reach. This week, The Greater You Leadership Series gave birth to the idea that confidence not only fuels effective leadership, but more importantly drives the level of happiness in one's life, success reached and maintained, and the positive impact on others. The experience was no less than rewarding.

The birth of the course, however, is only the beginning. The required work continues. The Greater You Leadership Series must live up to the expectations and objectives it has established. Consistent and value-add teaching. Stimulation that requires complete reflection of self. Engaging conversations that evokes positive change. The beginning happened this week. We're excited about the birth and look forward to what is to come! We are going to continue PUSH ourselves to offer what is necessary for fostering The Greater You!

If you're intentionally on this journey with us, THANK YOU!

If you're interested in learning more about Confidence In Reach or The Greater You Leadership Series, visit We'd love to share with you or your team/organization.

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