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"You cannot stumble upon greatness, you walk up to it and introduce yourself."

The workshops offered through The Greater You Leadership are tailored to provide engaging opportunities to learn how to effectively and efficiently perform as a leader. Workshops are interactive and produce tangible resources to produce post-experience.


Workshops: Coaching


Confidence in Reach is The Greater You Leadership Series' signature course that explores are core value #1 - Self Awareness. Confidence is a topic that remains constant in the scope of holistic living. There are many factors that go into the successful application of confidence. Through self-assessments, simulations, case studies, video, and open dialogue, this course will work to expose each participant to understanding:

  • The essence of confidence

  • Your current level of confidence

  • Who you are as an individual

  • What limits high levels of confidence

  • How to develop or increase confidence

  • How to maintain confidence

  • How to inspire confidence in others

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to GO DO THE WORK! The tools and ideas presented throughout the course will empower participants to be more purposeful in the way they choose to be confident.

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