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TGYLS Coaching

"You cannot stumble upon greatness; you walk up to it and introduce yourself."

TGYLS Coaching is a coaching program curated to help each client strengthen their greatness. Using the G.R.O.W. coaching model,  TGYLS coaches move through the coaching process by helping clients uncover the tools they have to overcome the challenges holding them back and discover the potential they have to impact the desire for themselves and those they lead. 

TGYLS Coaching is able to clients shape their future through their own discovery and plans of action. We have worked with clients seeking new careers, starting new businesses, navigating executive roles, creating personal brands, transitioning business, enhancing leadership and communication skills, and more.

TGYLS Coaching Packages



  • Strategy Development - One (1), 90-min session

  • Check Point Email Communication



  • Strategy Development - Two (2), 90-min sessions

  • Action Plan & Activities

  • Check Point Email Communication

*must be completed within 45 days



  • Strategy Development - Six (6), 90-min sessions

  • Action Plan & Activities

  • Check Point Email Communications

  • Personalized Participant Curriculum & Resources

*min. 3 month commitment 

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